Monday, February 05, 2007

Gratefulness Journal Monday

Today, I am so very eternally grateful for:

  1. My beautiful, smart, happy, silly, darling, loving, snuggly, adorable, kissable TWO YEAR OLD Anneliese!
  2. That today is Anneliese's 2nd birthday!
  3. That she's in a great mood today.
  4. It's a sunny, beautiful day even if it's still only 10º outside, and windy and blustery.
  5. Nice, warm winter coats.
  6. All of my daughters.
  7. My husband, even if he was an ass over the weekend.
  9. Adult cold medicine
  10. Decongestant nasal spray
  11. My parents
  12. My brothers
  13. My grandparents
  14. My IL's
  15. Hair conditioner for kids
  16. Hair detangler for kids
  17. Anneliese's beautiful new clothing gifts
  18. My MIL getting her butt to Macy's huge coat sale and getting all 3 girls brand new winter coats
  19. A furnace that works since it's only 10º with below freezing wind chill factor
  20. grocery weekends.
  21. MIL sending us home with a big container of ziti casserole
  22. My best friend.
  23. My online friends.
  24. My digital camera, so that I can take pics of Anneliese today
  25. Cozy sheets and a comforter
  26. when the girls all sleep all night
  27. when the girls all go to bed before 9 PM
  28. Vanilla & Lavender Tide AND Downy, cuz they make the laundry smell heavenly
  29. Gas prices dropping
  30. Remembering to send Juliana to school with a huge bag of popcorn since today is the 100th Day Of School Celebration.

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