Saturday, January 27, 2007

Oh No! I P00T3D!

No, that's not a line from Family Guy. It's quickly become Anneliese's most-used phrase when she wants her diaper changed. She's hiding when she has to poop or pee. She also holds her bladder until it's full, then pees so that in one fell swoop, her diaper is sagging, hot, and bordering on leaking. She fills it so much with pee that she's convinced a poop snuck itself in there and declares "OH NO! I POOTED!" If she fluffs, "Mama, I duh-tee! I poot! Pooted in duh die-dee!" She cracks me up because she's so distressed about the whole thing, and will lay herself down on the carpet in the dining room or on a couch while she expresses her disdain and waits for Mamma to to get a fresh diaper. And yet she won't sit on the toilet for more than a few seconds. When she wants to be cleaned off, she asks for a "white" instead of a wipe.

She's also taken to calling Gracie "Joe-jee" and "Georgie." Very cute.

When Juliana isn't around, she tells us "Joonie-nana at cool bell." Juliana is at school, with bells.

If you ask her what she'd like to eat, you'll get one of three responses:

She's taken to saying "meeell-KUH" for milk, whereas a week ago it was still "mill."

Little Einsteins are the "tine tines."

Dora the Explorer is "doh-duh en boots."

When Daddy isn't home, she assume "Duddee at wuck."

Cats and dogs are "duggies," "puppies," or "kitties." Any of those words will describe most animals for her, actually. Except for cute little fish, which are "sish."

She likes big "twucks" and "twees."

She loves to "draw wiff pen" which refers to pens, pencils, or crayons.

When she claps her hands, she shouts "YAY! KWAPP!"

If she succeeds at something she exclaims "YAAAAY! I DID IT!"

When she's tired, she asks "I sweep?"

Something icky is "Gwoss, eewwww!"

If Mommy does something she doesn't like, I'm suddenly "You bad Mamma!" If she doesn't like my singing, she tells me to "stop yo voice!"

She also giggles when she asks me "You boobies feed duh milk to beebays?"

She enjoys watching "Bob Bob Pay Pants" and "Byoos Cyoos."

My littlest baby is growing up!

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