Friday, January 26, 2007

The Evil Oil Company Saga Continues

Well, we are officially delinquents. Woo ha!

Today, we had the honor of receiving our first official demand from Kasden's environmental lawyer for the $450 early termination fee, as a result of our sending the termination letter. I forget if I mentioned this before, but when I looked up their litigation records online, they've had 250 cases, mostly them trying to get unpaid bills. 250! Our new oil company? 0. Zero. Nada. With nothing but good reviews on their business and quality of customer service.

Dear Mr S******,

We represent Kasden Fuel. This letter constitutes Kasden's formal
demand for payment of $450. We understand that you recently terminated
your Lock In Program contract with Kasden. For this reason, an early
termination fee (liquidated damages) of $450 is due under contract. We are
enclosing a copy of the executed contract. There is no question that this
contract is valid and enforceable or that it was signed by the parties. In
fact, in past years you have entered into a similar contract wieth Kasden that
contained a similar liquidated damages payment upon early termination. To
uphold your end of the bargain, kindly forward your payment of $450 to

Um, no? First of all, asswipes, just because we had a contract last year and honored it despite how valid or not it was, that does not set a precedent for following the current contract. I don't care about last year because it's over with. Secondly, these hobags sent us a copy of the "valid contract." Yeah, OK Manny accidentally mailed them our original copy of the contract which was unsigned and missing the number of gallons. Keep in mind that Manny's signature is never the same, and he never writes his numbers the same way even in the same documents. So we took our own Zeroxed copy and compared it to the copy they sent us back as "proof" and it's been doctored by them. They took what we accidentally sent them and added the signature and other necessary info, then gave that to their lawyer, under the pretense that the contract was like that the entire time. Basically, they just screwed themselves over.

Now we just wait and make them make the next move, and make sure they keep all contact in writing. If they feel like taking it to small claims court, they'll get the shock of their lives when we have proof that they not only tried to force us to stay in an invalid contract once we realized it was invalid, but that they altered a legal document. What they did is a crime, and the state could bring charges up on them.

Whoo hoo! Woot! Knowledge is power, my friends, and help from the kindness of a state prosecutor who is friends with my mother doesn't hurt either. It also pays to be a bitch sometimes.

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