Monday, January 15, 2007

Gratefulness Journal 1/15/07

Today, I'm very, very grateful for:

  1. The girls having a good day without much in the way of behavior problems.
  2. All of the girls sleeping and staying in their beds all night.
  3. The fact that it's "only" freezing rain today and not heavy snow.
  4. watching Anneliese offer Goldfish crackers to Grace's Littlest Petshop pets and making them say "dank joooo!" for "thank you"
  5. My beautiful daughters.
  6. My hard-working husband.
  7. My best friend.
  8. Coffee and fat free half & half
  9. A roof over our heads.
  10. Creativity in cooking, so that when we're sparce on groceries the girls still get full tummies.
  11. Generous friends and family.
  12. Being blessed with healthy, smart daughters
  13. Advil
  14. Paxil & Atavan
  15. Flannel sheets
  16. Online job applications.
  17. That despite $$ troubles, my girls are happy and laugh a lot
  18. The affection Anneliese shows me, by freely giving hugs and kisses.
  19. hot showers
  20. pretty smelling shower gels
  21. bras that fit
  22. listening to Juliana pray
  23. Huge 2 lb boxes of Goldfish crackers
  24. cheese
  25. heat and electricity

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