Sunday, January 14, 2007

"Bad Poopoo In Tookie!"

"Mamaaaaaaaa! I haffa poo poo!"

Mama checks diaper.

"No, honey, no poo poo. You just fluffed."

"Mamaaa! Da BAD poo poo!"

Mama makes big production of checking diaper again.

"No, honey, there's no poo poo in there. It was a fluff. Poo poo is coming."

"Waaaahhhhhh! Mamaaaaa I haffa bad poo poo in my tookie!"

Mama realizes Anneliese is constipated.

"Would you like to sit on the potty and see if the poo poo will come out of your tushy?"

"Yeah! Tookie on da potty! Poo poo on da potty!"

Anneliese realizes she's still uncomfortable, Mama realizes she's a bit constipated. Crying ensues. It's not funny. Mama makes Anneliese lay down, and she gets a tummy rub. Anneliese gets annoyed and pushes Mama away.


"You're dirty? Did the poo poo come out?"

"YEAH! Bad poo poo my tuckie! Die-duh!"

Mama changes diaper, which has a rock of a poo, and a bit of blood.

"Mama, you say BAD POO POO."

Mama groans inside.

"What a bad poo poo! You hurt my Anneliese! You belong in the garbage!"

Anneliese takes bundled, dirty diaper and tosses it in the garbage.

Minutes later, Anneliese declares "More poo poo! Duh-teeeee! Duh-teee die-duh!"

Yes, there are more poo poos, thankfully smaller. Mama of course cleans poo poo, and asks if Anneliese feels better.

"Yeah. Mama... I kween?"

"Yes, angel, you're clean."

"Mama... I bad?"

"No, angel, you're a good girl."

"Mama... you wub me?"

"Yes, darling, I love you."

"Otay. I pway dah-duh's."

"All right, angel, you play with the dollies."

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Megan said...

That is too funny : D You do realize I've got Sprite all over my keyboard now, right ?