Friday, January 05, 2007

Dreary Friday Blues

It's raining today, and considering what time of year it is, I'm rather thankful that it's not 20º colder or it would be a blizzard. That's right, it's January 5th and it's 53º outside. Tomorrow, it's supposed to be mid-60º's. There might be something to this global warming thing after all, folks... if this is a trend, I don't want to know how hot it's going to be this summer!

Grace had part 1 of her evaluation today. I wrote about it in past blogs here and here. It lasted about an hour, and she was observed in a play-date-in-a-classroom atmosphere by the school psychologist, the special ed preschool teacher, and a speech therapist. During that time, I sat with some other parents in the conference room next door with the school social worker/sociologist. She just explained the process and the "power of positive parenting." She answered questions about the evaluations and what the specialists would be looking for. We got no indication of how the kids did, and we won't get the results until the end of next week. If there's a problem, then Grace will have more formal evaluations and some actual testing.

I've been scaring myself today, worried that Grace may have mild Asperger's Syndrome. At least if she had that, there would be a name for it. She has a lot of the traits that an Asperger child has, but I'm not sure she qualifies for the diagnosis. They couldn't diagnose that today, anyway. And I'm probably worrying myself for nothing.

GAH I think I'm getting sick AGAIN! I just got over bronchitis and now I've been sneezing, post-nasal-drippy, and stuffy. WTH?

Oh, of interest to probably no one but me, but I stepped down as host of the Baby Worries and Complaints board. I just couldn't dedicate the time and research that board needs, and with Anneliese being almost 2 yrs old, I'm losing interest in that board anyway. I still have my Feb 05 Birth Club and the Cooking For Your Family boards, though. It would break my heart to give those up, so I won't. I've been spending less time on the computer lately, and trying to fiddle with the girls' routines a bit. I've been spending a lot of time trying to help Grace and teach her the way I taught Juliana, but she's just not as receptive or interested. She'd rather play in her own little world with her little animal toys. She's got a crazy amount of Littlest Petshop pets that she plays with constantly. We think she's going to be a veterinarian. I explained to her last night what a vet is, and she grinned and pointed to herself.

So we're broke. Flat broke and it sucks. It's hard to find anyone willing to pay well and give me the hours that I need to help out. Did I say being broke sucks? Cuz it does. {{{sigh}}} This is so frustrating. Let's pray we don't miss any mortgage payments and lose the house, electricity, or anything else.

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