Thursday, December 07, 2006

Update:Radio Prize Call-In Junkie

In case you're curious, no, I still haven't won anything. Yes, I'm still trying, but not with as much zeal as before. I've pretty much resigned myself to Loser Status in winning $500 to anything. Ah well.

The GOOD news is that recently, I started a volunteer moderator & PNA Team Leader position at BNW and even though it's currently unpaid, I got a Christmas bonus! Whoo hoo! Get this... $100 Amazon gift certificate. Isn't that cool? Even though most of what I ordered won't show until after Christmas, I can actually give Manny a Christmas gift this year that I earned myself. I can add some DVD's the girls have needed to have replaced (Manny was going to buy them). I also was able to get some sheets and a comforter for our own bed that we've been needing desperately (we have only one set of decent sheets for the queen... the rest are ripped, torn, or just plain old worn out and unusable). Manny has no idea yet, because I want to surprise him.

Then I get my mail, and what's sitting on my porch but a box with a festively written address... from a fellow Feb 05 Mommy and good friend, Mirsha. Mirsha is awesome. She's been an absolute Angel, and this past year with each birthday and holiday she's sent cards and one other time, some gifts for the girls and myself. And now she's sent Christmas gifts, with orders not to open the packages until Christmas so that our tree isn't so bare. Mirsha, if you're reading this... you're wonderful and I know I posted on your MySpace page, but I really do honestly appreciate you. You've been such a good friend, and have brightened my day more than once even with just a sparkly, happy comment on my MySpace page. Thank you.

Also, today I posted on Freecycle that we need a twin mattress so that we can switch Grace to a twin bed. She's still in the toddler bed, and I think it's really uncomfortable for her now. I already got 2 people e-mail me to say that they have a twin mattress in excellent condition. I just have to decide which one to go pick up.

Blessings abound after all this holiday season. It's funny how as soon as I offer up a letter to Santa, and CC it to God, things start to perk up. Which reminds me, Santa is my current #1 friend on my MySpace page heh heh. You know, the Santa that has good taste in baybeigh naymez.

Hmmm, I'm trying to sing along with the radio and Anneliese keeps yelling at me. Apparently, she wants me to stop singing. I'm not THAT bad. Geese. Oh yes, she gets very upset lately when we say grace before dinner. You know, a prayer giving thanks for the food? Yeah, she hates it and yells at us telling us to stop all through the prayer. Little goofball. Yet SHE can sing "I yuv wock'n wole" with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts in a screechy silly voice, but if I sing seriously, she slaps me and tells me to stop. I wanna sing, damnit!

Oooh and I can't forget this... Friday morning at 8:45 am I have an evaluation test with CT Light & Power for a customer service rep position. If I pass, I get an interview, and if I get the position it "should" be a night position that would work with the hours I'd need so that I can still stay home with the girls during the day. Wish me luck!

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