Monday, December 18, 2006

Gratefulness Journal Monday 12/18/06

Continuing on my journey of being as positive as I can and being grateful for everything in my life... I am grateful for:

  1. My 3 gorgeous daughters
  2. My husband, even when he's being a putz
  3. My best friend
  4. that the girls were very well-behaved attending their very first movie in the theater
  5. that I got to be with my girls during their very first movie
  6. my mini-van
  7. coffee
  8. having had a little time to actually read over the weekend
  9. literacy
  10. Children's Motrin Cold for Anneliese
  11. Anneliese's ever-growing vocabulary
  12. deodorant
  13. make-up, thanks Mary Kay
  14. pizza delivery
  15. Schick Intuition ;-)
  16. The fact that I didn't actually break my knee-caps when I fell this morning. Again.
  17. That my laryngitis finally seems to be gone.
  18. Not having to take cough medicine last night and sleeping most of the night anyway!!!
  19. The fact that prayers for a happy Christmas with gifts under the tree for my girls are working.
  20. DVR
  21. Hot showers
  22. shower gel that smells delicious
  23. my great hairstylist
  24. When all of the girls sleep all night long
  25. not having had snow this season, "suffering" only through a dusting so far ***knock on wood***

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