Friday, December 15, 2006

Gratefulness Journal Friday 12/15/06

I am so very, very grateful for...

  1. My beautiful, smart, funny, healthy children.
  2. My handsome husband.
  3. My mom, especially for helping out yesterday and spending her lunch break with the girls so that I could make it to my interview on time.
  4. My best friend.
  6. Littlest Petshop, because Grace loves them so much
  7. The fact that Anneliese was able to sneeze out the rubber stopper that she shoved up into her nostril, even though she did sneezed when I was getting my car keys upstairs and didn't realize it, and so still took her to the pediatrician to get it out.
  8. That I confirmed she sneezed it out when I found the rubber stopper in a small pile of mucous.
  9. My interview went well yesterday.
  10. The nose bleed I had waited until after the interview was over, even if my nose did start gushing while I was driving home.
  11. pencil sharpeners.
  12. cappuccino ice cream
  13. spoons
  14. Holiday Greeting Cards arriving in the mail.
  15. having a great hair stylist
  16. my pink fuzzy slippers
  17. bras that fit
  18. that the girls enjoy crayons and paper
  19. sales at the grocery store
  20. my digital camera

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