Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Radio Prize Call-In Junkie

Why do we invest so much of ourselves into little things that have very little chance of happening? Why do we put so much out there, so much that when it's dreadfully clear that what we're trying for not only isn't going to happen, but we're crushed beyond belief when that happens because somehow, we convinced ourselves it WOULD happen?

I'm talking about winning shit on the radio. The Cheetah Girls was a fluke, and we only won that with major assistance from my mom's friend Ondrea. Because she's a radio prize call-in junkie. All I had to do really was answer the phone to get the grande prize package and say "YES I WANT IT!!!!"

Manny came home and told me about The River 105.9 FM. They have a website with some cool stuff on it, and you can listen to a live stream of music and their broadcast. Every hour, they're giving away $500 shopping for Christmas, and all you have to do it be the 10th caller and know the store of the day. Today it's the Disney Store. So I've been listening, and thank goodness it's actually decent music. Of course I haven't won, but I'm feeling invested. Like if I don't win at some point I'm going to be so disappointed I'll actually be annoyed. Someone (not me) just won $500 to spend at West Farms Mall. I missed calling in because Grace is having a temper tantrum and I didn't hear the tone to call in.

DAMN IT AN HOUR WASTED. That's what it feels like heh heh. An hour wasted listening to music online just so I could win Christmas Shopping money. Actually, it's now been 3 hours. See? I'm turning into a radio prize call-in junkie too! Help!

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