Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Me In All Of My Dysfunction

I'm on week two of feeling like crap, except this week is laryngitis. Next time I start to feel the dookie coming on, I'm getting Airborne. I've heard that it works wonders. I'm finally starting to feel a bit better, but I've still got the smoker's cough and sinus congestion. It's also hard to breathe, since my chest still feels heavy as if I've been swimming underwater for hours on end.

Yesterday, I had my most recent shrink appointment. I didn't how long it had been, I haven't been since JUNE. Far too long. I needed some balance for quite a while, and didn't realize how much I rely on my appointments to help even me out. While I'm still pissed at the dear old MIL, I have a different perspective about the whole thing with her. It's part of her culture, yes, but she's also probably trying to make up for what she feels are failures of her own past parenting and such by criticizing me. Hoping that I'll do better than she did. That her criticisms and insults really are intended to "help" rather than hurt and cause more harm, but that's what MIL's do. I'm still not happy about what she said to me, or how she went about it, or even that Manny defended her to me, but I'm not so bitter that I'll rip her head off of her shoulders. I suppose that's progress. I'm tired of feeling upset and letting her comments make me feel so insecure about myself.

I took the girls with me to that appointment. Interesting. Because I did NOT use a carriage. They were pretty well behaved, and seem to listen to me better when I'm unable to raise my voice to them.

Then I took them to AAA to get my license renewed, finally, since it expired on my birthday last month. It came out pretty nicely, and the girls were mostly well-behaved. I did have to pseudo-yell at them once (let's face it, it's funny listening to someone with laryngitis "yell" at her kids). They were running around in an open area in the AAA office, and people were starting to give them dirty looks. I turned around, managed to get their attention all at the same time, and gestured STOP to them. They did, which allowed me to 'yell' "You will stop running around! SIT DOWN NOW!" and they did! The lady taking my info laughed and complimented me. "I've never heard such a quiet yell, and holy cow it worked!" That felt really good.

I briefly debated taking them voting with my newly renewed license, but decided I'd tempted fate enough for one day and went home. I waited for Manny to come home before going to vote by myself. Yes, I voted. Mixed bag. Everyone I voted for won, I believe. The biggest one was for our governor, Jodi Rell. I'm really happy she was re-elected because she took over for her corrupt predecessor, John Skankass Roland.

Well, more later, I have to get ready for a parent-teacher conference with Juliana's teacher later today. She's getting home early so I don't have much time to get things together since (unless Manny can come home for lunch) I have to take all of the girls with me.

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