Monday, November 20, 2006

Let's Add Bad Mommeigh To The List

I really am in a "this woman sucks" rut.

Grace has been having some toilet accidents. Occasionally dribbling just enough that she feels she has to change her undies. Peeing on furniture, shitting in her underwear... twice in the last week, she peed on my dining room chairs. They're wooden with nice, soft, cream colored cushions. She's even peed on my floors and left little deposits on my floors over the past week. UGH. This should NOT be happening. She peed on my dining room chair tonight, even after she had JUST successfully peed and pooped on the toilet all day, hell just half an hour earlier. No other accidents. Then tonight, I'm sitting in the computer chair, and she sits herself behind me so that she's playing with my back and looking over my shoulder at the computer. Suddenly, she goes "OOPS!" and I felt piss on my back. Great. Then, she says OUCH so damn it, it's got to be a UTI. Not her fault. She just got over a UTI about a month ago. I should have figured it was a UTI. The poor kid didn't complain about it until tonight. No fever, no pain, nothing until tonight.

Off to the pedi on Tuesday, I guess. Better to take care of it tomorrow than go through a holiday with my darling Frou Frou in pain and pissing all over everything.

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