Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I Had No Idea

I had no idea that constipation could make a UTI worse.

I took Grace to see the pediatrician today, because her accidents were just getting worse and last night, she cried because of the pain. Poor girl. She had a couple of accidents today too, so after getting the 2 little ones bathed and dressed, I realized that I wouldn't be home in time to get Juliana off of the bus, so I also picked her up from school about half an hour early so that she could come with us to the dr's. Poor Gracie couldn't manage to pee while we were there, but the dr did examine her and asked if she had been constipated (TMI ALERT: she's had extra firm poo but not *quite* constipation).

On the way home, we stopped at CVS. HELL NO I'm not crazy enough to take three children into CVS by myself. Not after the last Gracie Incident in a CVS. I went through the trusty CVS pharmacy drive-through. What a blessed, amazingly wonderful service. Grace was pissed to no end, because she had planned to raid the chocolate isle. Anneliese kept shouting "HEY DON! NUGGETS! FRAH FRIES!" because she thought we were at the McDonald's drive thru window. The kid has only had McD's maybe 3 or 4 times tops in her entire life, but she still recognizes the drive thru. Silly girl.

We've been home for about half and hour, and the natives are finally quiet since I gave them some pretzels for a snack. Now I just wait for the DH to get home so that I can go pick up the RX for Grace and get some fresh parsley for the Herb Stuffed Tomatoes that I'm making to bring to SIL's Thanksgiving Dinner. And I pray that Grace doesn't pee on any more furniture. Or me.

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