Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy 4th Birthday Grace!

Four years ago today, on a snowy November morning, we drove to the hospital because Mommy's water broke during the night. After having Juliana go home with Gramma, Mommy and Daddy settled into the hospital room and waited. Progress seemed slow, but Mommy was effacing quickly and you were descending the entire time. At one point, your heart rate dropped and mine increased, so they put a skull monitor on you. Mommy needed oxygen. At 11:30 pm, Mommy went from 3 cm dilated to 9.5 cm dilated within something insane like 2 minutes. As Mommy reached 10 cm, Daddy walked out of the bathroom and your head was already crowning. Mommy pushed 1.5 times.

It went like this:
Dr: OK, push!
Mommy pushed.
Dr: OK, push agai... eh forget it. She's out!
It was about 11:37
pm, just minutes away from Thanksgiving Day.

You've grown into a beautiful, sweet, smart little girl from the tiny baby we brought home and we love you even more today.


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