Monday, November 20, 2006

Gratefulness Journal 11/20/06

Is it really the week of Thanksgiving?!?

I am very grateful for:

  1. My husband.
  2. My beautiful, smart, silly children.
  3. My best friend.
  4. Being able to see my daughter's faces and their sweet smiles.
  5. Good health (yay I'm not sick this week, knock on wood!)
  6. Having a warm roof over my head.
  7. Having food in the fridge and the pantry.
  8. Deferrment and forebearance on my college loan.
  9. Having cooking as a stress release.
  10. That the rum (ok, I used brandy) cake I made for MIL's birthday was a hit.
  11. Folgers having French Vanilla coffee grounds... YUM
  12. fat free half&half for my coffee
  13. my waffle maker, since it's Grace's favorite breakfast.
  14. Hot showers
  15. holidays
  16. music
  17. dishwasher gel
  18. hair elastics & bobby pins
  19. sweaters
  20. that there's been NO SNOW YET even though it's nearing the end of November

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