Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Yes, Sick Again

It wasn't enough that last week I had an intestinal virus. No, not at all. Sunday, I saw my niece Samantha, who is 10 months old and sweet as pie, even with drippy boogies. Unfortunately, I couldn't help but kiss her, thinking I was safe because her Mommeigh had JUST wiped her face and cleaned it... her darn little leaky faucet nose... I STILL kissed a wet boogie! Ewww! And of course, this morning, day 3, I wake up with swollen glands and the beginning of a sore throat. Great. With tight finances so tight that they're making Manny demand I go back to work again and seriously, can't afford to "splurge" and get myself some decent cold medication. {{{sigh}}}

Good news though. Manny ranted last night and told me how Lowe's is cutting his hours from 25 down to 10 per week, which sucks because it's already tough to pay every single bill every single month as it is. We have no mad money. We have no spending money. We have no room to breathe. And they're cutting his hours at night. So he's desperate for me to fill in the gaps IMMEDIATELY even though it would take a couple weeks for me to be able to start anywhere. Even though he says "It would only be for a couple of weeks" until he finds something to make up for it to allow me to stay home. Yeah. Logical. Anyway, karma is hopefully shining on me because today out of the blue, a recruiter called me because he's interested in finding me something part time at night starting at $12 an hour, or work from home. Hopefully something pans out this time. I sent him my updated resume today. Ideally, I'd get minimum $15/hour.

On the other hand, I'm finally making an AWESOME flyer for "In A Pinch." More on that later. I have to get the kids ready to TOT tonight. Probably won't be on again until tomorrow since DH wants to use the computer later to get his resume online for evening PT stuff.

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