Monday, October 23, 2006

Gratefulness Journal 10/23/06

I am so very, very grateful for:

  1. My best friend.
  2. My husband, even if he can be an insenstitive azz sometimes.
  3. My 3 beautiful daughters.
  4. My family.
  5. The freedom to choose my own religion.
  6. New shampoo that doesn't make my head break out in a rash.
  7. Pretty fabric to make curtains for my bedroom (finally)
  8. Pretty fabric to make curtains for my bathrooms (finally)
  9. Hair elastics for kids.
  10. My cell phone.
  11. The ability to read.
  12. Soft toilet paper.
  13. Being able to hold my temper when visiting with MIL yesterday.
  14. The fact that I live 28 miles away from MIL keeps her from just dropping in without calling.
  15. My mom, especially for babysitting Anneliese last week while we took the older girls to the Cheetah Girls concert.
  16. Chinese Take-out
  17. Having a really good hair stylist.
  18. Paper towels and Windex.
  19. Blue's Clues
  20. Imodium AD and being able to use it.
  21. When the girls stay asleep at night.
  22. Nice soft, heavy comforters for the bed.
  23. When the girls willingly go to bed.
  24. When the girls enjoy eating what I give them.
  25. Watching Grace eat a PB&J sandwich, because it's like watching her eat the most delicious, amazing gourmet dinner.

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