Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tuesday Musings

I've got a bit of an upset tummy today, it's either from my UTI or the Macrobid I have to take for the UTI. Probably both. But on the plus side, I did go to the dermatologist last Thursday for the eczema on my foot. He Rx'd Vanos .1% and this stuff is like magic. It's actually making my foot look like a foot again! It doesn't hurt to walk, it's not constantly itching and burning, and the skin is SKIN again! Why didn't I see a dermatologist a year ago? Two years ago? Why did I tolerate it for so long??? Ah well, it's getting better NOW so that's what matters, right?

Juliana is getting excited about school starting. She's going to first grade this year. We've already bought a backpack and some pencils and crayons, but I figured we'd wait for the teacher's supply list before doing anything else. We've been practicing with some print-out work sheets to practice her letters and skills she learned in kindergarten, just to make sure she retains what she learned already.

Grace is starting preschool and thankfully, she gets to be in the class with the potty trained children. That's right, GRACE IS POTTY TRAINED!!! She came to me today to tell me she had "poo poo in her underware" but thankfully it was "just" skidmarks. The kid is like 98% trained and I can't even remember the last accident. I'm happy that forcing her by not giving her any choice but to DO IT worked. Letting her decide on her own meant she'd have been perfectly happy to keep doing it in her pants. Now it disgusts her and she enjoys how much less clean-up there is with using the toilet. She likes that it's just a matter of wiping her behind once or twice and she's done and clean.

Anneliese's favorite word at the moment is "NO." Even when the answer is actually yes, she says "NO." I trimmed her a teeny bit of bangs, just the part that wouldn't stay in her pig tails but were still poking her in the eyes. My mom didn't like it. Honestly, it looks adorable on her, and the rest of her hair is untouched.

My camera was finally delivered to the Kodak repair center in TX on Friday. It took an entire week for UPS to deliver it by ground... WTF is up with that? So they have up to 10 working days counting this past Friday to either fix or replace my camera, and I want it NOW. We've missed out on so many pics and I'm tired of relying on my Mom for pics that she takes every couple of weeks. She took some 2 weeks ago AND this past Sunday but I still haven't seen them yet.

Oh and we are finally getting someone over here to take care of the roaches (the little ones, not the huge inch-long-or-bigger ones) that hitchhiked with us when we moved from the apartment. We get rid of them ourselves but then they come back from the garage where we still have some packing boxes, and they try to move in. Or we just can't get into the crevices in the walls where they lay their eggs. It's ridiculous. We're not dirty people, and while the house is often untidy, it's not filthy! But noooo these stupid little asswipes won't go away! I think Manny has the Orkin guy coming Saturday for the first treatment, and they said they will also get rid of ants, silverfish, mice, earwigs, etc. We don't have mice or silverfish, or most of the little critters, although in the old apartment there were silverfish from the first night I moved in. Those things are creepy. Here I've seen a couple earwigs and we get beetles in the summer from the trees. The exterminator that's coming said their treatments are geared towards getting rid of 38 different pests and they'll do indoor AND outdoor. Plus, no fogging because we have the kids and the treatments will be out of their reach.

I know that makes my house sound really gross, but apparently it's a problem for a lot of people.

Well, gotta go. Kids are throwing couch pillows around the living room.

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