Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Absent-Minded Mommeigh

Frickity, I almost forgot that Anneliese had her 18-month well-baby visit today! I remembered at 11:55, and the appointment was at 1:30. I don't think I've ever gotten all of us ready so quickly and still made it on time! Whew!

She's doing great, except for the pigeon-toed thing. It's not a deformity, but when she walks, she still points her toes in. It's not as bad as it was, and the left foot has improved dramatically, but her right foot still turns in. The pediatrician gave me the number for an orthopaedic surgeon to consult with. I hope it doesn't come to that, but that if she needs something it's just the corrective shoes. She did have her last Hep-A vaccination today. The poor kid knew as soon as we opened the dr's office door that she didn't want to be there. She tried hiding from the dr, and clung to me the whole time. When I tried to put her down for the dr to see her walk, she was very upset and screamed and cried, and walk-hopped across the exam room. She clung to me very tightly the entire time, and only loosened up a bit when he left the room. I'm surprised she let me put her down to get her dressed again. Poor kid. She hates the dr, but she hated our other one too. Grace and Juliana love him. It surprises me that Grace likes him so much because she did NOT like our old dr, she'd scream and carry on the whole visit, but she actually talks to this dr. She loses all of her shyness and speaks directly to him and even answers his questions! She doesn't even do that with people she KNOWS! But Anneliese, poor thing, just hates dr's and has since about 9 months old. Darn, I forgot to check her percentiles, so I'll have to do that online.

OK per the BabyCenter Percentile Calculator:

Anneliese is:
Sex = girl
Age = 18 Months
Length = 32.0
Weight = 27.0 pounds
Based on the data you submitted, your child
falls into the following
Length = between 50th and 75th
Weight = between 75th and 90th percentile

Grace is:
Sex = girl
Age = 30
Months Length = 36.0
Weight = 35.0 pounds
Based on the data you submitted, your child
falls into the following percentiles:
Length = 50th percentile
Weight =
between 90th and 95th percentile

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