Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Thank You For Touching My Heart

On one of the bulletin boards I frequent, there's a discussion about whether or not you could carry a pregnancy to term if you knew that your child had a fatal prognosis either in utero or at birth. Personally, I would not. I know that now. I thought for a while that if I knew the diagnosis was terminal from not having a heart or lungs or something extreme like that I *might* consider it, but I know now that I wouldn't terminate early for ANY reason. While I appreciate the ability to choose and therefore hope that abortion is never made illegal in the U.S. again (my right to choose is more important than my insistance that abortion is just plain old wrong). It's not the government's place to tell any woman what to do with her body, and I want to be able to make the decision on my own that abortion is not the right choice. I may disagree with someone who chooses abortion/termination, but I won't judge her. Taking away HER right to choose abortion takes away MY right to choose to keep a baby as well. We're too liberal in allowing the government to take away our rights "for our own good." It's not the state's job to take rights, but to clarify them and expand them.

The tribute memorial of the Strecktuss Family (click here) to their babies that had anacephaly is so touching, and is now the defining answer I would give. It's such a story of inspiring mother's love and has touched me very deeply, striking a chord in me as a mother that it's almost painful to read, yet at the same time there's a feeling of joy mingled with the sadness.

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