Saturday, July 15, 2006

Kiss My Butt

Oy vay, I have some very odd children. One might even say weird. Sometimes I just don't "get" why they do what they do. Sometimes it makes me laugh and sometimes it frustrates the crap out of me. Guess which one this story makes me do.

Anneliese (17 months old now) is very affectionate and kissy and huggy. She always has been. She gives spontaneous kisses and hugs and loves to snuggle. For some reason today, as i was putting tupperware containers away in a low cabinet (I was leaning over) she came up and kissed my butt. I swear.

Gracie (3 1/2) has been successfully potty training and we're making a huge deal out of it. Of course, Anneliese is learning what it's all about and it's piqueing her interest. Yesterday, I was cleaning up the dining room and didn't notice that Grace was using the toilet until Anneliese informed me "Drace on da POT!" So of course I cheered for Grace, who was tickled pink as Anneliese and I were clapping and cheering her on. Grace bent down to pick up her panties and while she was squatting down, Anneliese kissed HER butt.

Dang my kid is weird.

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