Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Go. To. Bed. Now.

I would go through my day and list how busy, messy and tiring it was... but suffice it to say, I'm wishing the kids would go to sleep NOW. I have dark circles around my eyes despite the actual sleep I got last night, and am sporting the oh-so-sexy-dried-waffle-batter-and-peanut-butter-and-yogurt-crusted-shirt. I also have to clean some newly green walls, thanks to Anneliese's discovery that crayons do indeed work on walls. Thankfully the dishwasher is full and just about ready to go, so the kitchen is tidy. The living room is tidy. The dining room is almost tidy. That leaves me some grown-up TV time if they ever go to bed.

There's a thunderstorm going on right now, so lights are flickering. I hope I actually get some grown-up TV time! I doubt that Juliana will go to bed until it's over. She hates t-storms. Anneliese is about to have her tiny butt tossed into bed since it's now 9 minutes past her bed time. She's not in bed solely because she asked for yogurt and then ran away shouting 'NO NO NO' when asked if it was bed time. Usually she runs for the stairs and tries to climb into bed.

At least the Kodak dock was picked up today. I thought it was for yesterday, but it was for today. I'm hoping to have my camera up and running by next week. {{{fingers*crossed}}} I really wish I had the camera working today because right now, Grace has wild child hair. And Juliana and Grace both gave themselves make-overs with some play make-up Juliana got as a gift. They're really quite, ah... a sight.

OK time to get the scoots to bed. Please. NOW.

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