Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mommy & 3 Princesses Go To The Dentist... Alone

I haven't sat down to blog for a bit because I haven't been in a position to sit for long periods of time without lots of interuptions. Last week, I got hit with a really bad intestinal bug that has kept me far too busy. I haven't even been able to finish painting my bathroom, even though it seems most of my time has been spent in there.

We're also trying to get Grace to use the toilet regularly. I get so frustrated because she knows how to do it, she just can't always be bothered to do it. Even though she's just so proud of herself when she succeeds at it just because she DECIDED to succeed at it. I do have to say that since I've been taking the advice of our psychiatrist, she's been blossoming. During the past month especially. She's more chatty and she's making it a point not to baby talk so much. She's also annunciating her words better again, and is coming out of her shy shell.

I took the girls for their first dentist appointment yesterday. Juliana did wonderfully well and enjoyed the entire visit. I was very worried about Grace, because I expected her to need me standing there with her the whole time, and I didn't think she'd even be willing to open her mouth. She got to look around the entire office and examine the tools. She got explanations of what the tools were for and what the plan was for the visit. She let the dentist look in her mouth, although she had to use the little mirror to view the top teeth. Get this: Gracie let the dentist clean the fronts of ALL her teeth! Only the fronts, not the back or part that bites, but still, that's way more than I thought she would get done! I'm so proud of her. She got to have Spongebob stickers, a new toothbrush and a cute little flosser.

A couple of months ago, I'm positive that her mouth would have been tightly pursed and she would have insisted that I be there with her in the exam room. I was also able to go into the office without a double stroller successfully. I HAD to because we had to go up a set of porch stairs, but the girls all actually listened to me on our way in and out. It was fantastic. They were well-behaved the entire time, although Anneliese threw a tantrum and asked to "go house." Juliana had awakened her far too early yesterday and she needed an early nap and just wanted to go home to bed. Other than that, it was wonderful and they were all so good. Yay me and my girls!

They did such a great job that I let them choose supper, and we ended up having homemade pizza with black olives and red peppers. It was delicious. ;-)

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