Thursday, June 22, 2006

Gratefulness Multiplied

I know my husband isn't perfect. There isn't one man that IS perfect. I'm sure that even Prince Charming annoyed the shit out of Sleeping Beauty with some insensitive comments. "Darn it, sweetie, I've been out slaying dragons all damn day, just so the peasants don't come banging on the drawbridge at 5 am. You couldn't have just had Hand-maiden set the fire in my library with a pipe and warm grog? What do you mean you've been tired? It's not like you DO anything around here..." I'll bet he even left his pantaloons on the floor and left dirty dishes lying around too.

I do love my husband. He's not always sensitive, as evidenced in some of my blogs, but I do know he loves me. Usually. I know that he does his best to provide for us and give us the best life we could have. I know he loves our children. I know that he's a good, generous man. And with all of his faults, I know that I should still appreciate him and be more grateful for him than I seem. I take for granted that he loves us and feels responsible for us. A mom on my Feb 05 board posted today about her neighbor, whose husband left her and their baby out of the blue and took all of their money out of joint accounts, took her name off of their joint credit cards, and hasn't seen their child since he left. He sent a friend of his to pack his things and bring them to him while my friend watched this stranger take her husband's things. What a scary thing to have happen, what a betrayal, to have the man that you think is happy living with you and loves you and your family and your life just up and leaves without warning. He abandons you and cuts off all ties and support. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. And I think I'm going to appreciate my husband a lot more from now on. Be a little more tolerant of the little things that bother me, and be more understanding when he's having a mood. I'd want that for me.

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Jackie said...

Great, now I feel like a schmuck too lol :)