Monday, May 22, 2006

Nina In Her Crib: Update

OK her goose-egg is barely noticable, the swelling is gone, but there's still a purple bruise. :-( I still feel badly about that.

She had trouble napping yesterday because her sisters kept going in her room and I don't have a lock on that door, but last night for bed she only clung to me briefly as I put her to bed but then she immediately put herself into her favorite sleeping position (on tummy, tushy in the air) and waved her arm asking for her blanket. She fell asleep within a couple of minutes. I'm so proud of her, I honestly thought it would be so much harder for her. I co-slept (bed next to my bed) with all my girls but Juliana was 4 months old and Grace was 7 months old when we moved them to the crib in their room. Anneliese being 15 months old worried me, I was just so afraid she wouldn't transition well. I kept her with me for so long because she IS the last baby, and it's always hard to move them. It's the end of a stage, I guess. Happy for her for doing so well but sad for ME.

As for HOW I did it, if anyone stumbling across this is interested and in the same boat I was in:

I did NOT let Anneliese cry it out aka CIO, even with the gentlest method per Ferber. I stayed with her and read to her, sang to her, let her play a bit to get used to it. I showed her that her favorite blanket was still there and her usual "Friends" were there too. I even showed her how soft her sheets were, which she thought was funny and she rubbed the sheets and declared "suft!" She did sleep the entire night again, fussy-waking only once because she lost her pacifier. Oh come on, yes she uses the pacifier aka choochie ONLY at night. One big change at a time, OK? Once she's completely used to her new sleep arrangements, I'll take away the pacifier. I think I'll have to encourage her to develop an attachment to a new lovey though.

I insisted she lay down and put her blanket on her, and told her that this was HER bed now. I told her good night, sleep tight, and rubbed her back. I left a VERY bright night light on. As she was about to fall asleep, I crept out of the room telling her I was going to check on her sisters. When I came back she was asleep. The first night, this routine took about 20 minutes. The 2nd night, this routine took 2 minutes but I ALSO did this routine with her for naptimes first. It'll depend on the child, but my BEST ADVICE is not to just take her in and leave her, but help her get used to the new sleep space. Let her nap and play in there first if you can. She needs to know that it's safe and get used to it first. The transition shouldn't be a trauma, at least not for the baby ;-)

I'm still sad but even I slept better last night. Could be because I thought ahead and took a Xanax heh heh. Well come on, red wine gives me a headache! LOL

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