Sunday, May 21, 2006

Mommy Says Good-bye to Co-sleeping

First, let me set this up by saying that yesterday our plans got shot to h-e-double hockey sticks because DH had to go into work to finish a project at the office. He spent pretty much all day there, so we got no family time and I couldn't run errands. Then today, I figured he was letting me sleep in because I've been sick and not sleeping well.

So yesterday was Anneliese's 1st day sleeping in her crib in her own room. She's been co-sleeping next to my in her bassinet. She napped well in there yesterday, albeit she was a bit nervous at first, but she settled in for the nap. Later for bed time, she went up the stairs (tairs, as she calls them) and went directly to MY room. I said no, it's time to sleep in her bed. She says "Dat my bed" pointing into my room. But she went into her room anyway since HER room was the only one with an open door and a light on. She let me change her, and as I settled her in she fussed for about 30 seconds.

Usually she lays down almost immediately OR she'll giggle and fling herself around her bed until she flops onto her belly chuckling, then issues a soft whimper, asks me to put her blanket on. She tickles and massages her ear and falls asleep. Every night. Until last night. She kept trying to make jokes, and didn't want me to leave her room. She decided to play the "where's that body part" game and the "baby's gonna try to say the body parts" game. She also flung out every stuffed friend she had, which she does every night too. She wants her toys in her bed just so she can fling them across the room. I don't mine, it makes her smile.

It took her 20 minutes to settle down before she was ready to just lay there as I rubbed her back. She rubbed her sheets and said "diss suft" to let me know it was nice and soft and comfortable. As soon as she started to rub her ear, I knew she was ready for the night. And she stayed asleep all night.

I, however, was weepy with a tight chest. I listened for her all night, just dozing at best. I've never spent a full night away from her. Not even in my own house. There have been "maybe" 3 times where Manny took her downstairs if she woke up upset and wanted HIM, but never a full night. I felt her missing from my side, missed checking her bed next to me. But she didn't wake up once.

So this morning, I can hear Manny cleaning up for me downstairs and talking with the kids. I hear Anneliese wake up cheerfully chatting at her sisters. I hear Juliana run downstairs to tell Daddy she was awake. I hear him come upstairs, and Anneliese squeals that he was there. Then silence for a while, so I doze, confident that Daddy brought Anneliese downstairs with him. I hear the vacuum cleaner in my dreams, and in my dream I hear Grace talking to the baby. Then I hear "Come ON baby! Get OUT!" I hear Anneliese whimper and a very loud WHUMP! and a scream of fear and pain. I shake it off realizing it's not a dream anymore, go into Anneliese's room and see her sitting on the floor next to Grace who says "We did it!"

And Anneliese, poor little Anneliese, crying and afraid to move, with a huge purple goose egg on her forehead. She's fine now, and the lump has gone down since this morning, but it's still purple and shiny. She was clingy all morning and most of the early afternoon but she's OK. I feel horrible, hoping that it won't happen again.

So I also win the Bad Mommy of the Weekend Award.

***EDITED TO ADD: I was a bit distracted when I wrote this last night, but here's what happened, in my best guess. Anneliese was actually in her crib when I thought Manny had taken her downstairs. Grace decided to help Anneliese get out of the crib. So a 3 1/2 yr old tried to get a 15 month old out of a crib where the mattress was on the lowest setting. On the way down, I'm assuming Anneliese fell on her head, and luckily THANK GOD did not break her neck. Thus the goose-egg on her forehead. :-(

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jackie said...

I'm confused,'d she get the goose egg??

Congrats to Anneliese! Lexi co slept in our bed for the first year and two months! Now she is still in our room, but in her pack and play. It is hard :)