Monday, May 08, 2006

Anneliese's Well Baby Visit Today

Anneliese had her 15 month well baby visit today and I'm so proud of her. She hated it though, and was very anxious. She gripped me very tightly the entire time, and screamed and sobbed when she had to be put down on the examination table and the scale. She did NOT want the doctor to touch her. I think she had a deep-seated memory from her shots last time, even though the dr was as gentle as he could be.

She had 2 shots in one leg, 1 shot in the other. MMR, DpT (I think) and varicella vannines. She weighs .... uh I have to check but it's either 25 or 26 pounds, and she only gained one pound since she turned 12 months old. I forget how tall she is, but I'll update that later.

She had a bump on her leg that I was afraid was a cyst, but the dr said it was just a bruise. I noticed it yesterday, and when we checked again this afternoon it WAS decreased slightly in size since yesterday. Mommy worried for nothing. What's funny (not ha ha) is that for the last month she's been waking by kicking her legs and screaming in anger, so since she's also teething molars I figured giving her Tylenol for the obvious pain would be fine. I assumed she was having growing pains. Then yesterday discovering the bump, I thought I had missed the boat and that she had a cyst I missed, and was wrong about the growing pains. But it turns out I was right. Tailspin on feeling like I know what I'm doing as a mom.

Also, MIL has been convinced that Anneliese is pigeon-toed aka in-toed. After a thorough exam, the dr says that her legs are perfectly straight and will outgrow the pigeon toe walk. It's probably a muscle thing, because her bones are not deformed or misshapen. MIL thinks that we should get a 2nd opinion, and we probably will, but my instincts tell me that she's fine. Grace was bowlegged, and we used to joke about it. By the time she turned 2 yrs old and had been walking for several months her legs straightened out. This type of pigeon-toeing is the same thing, except her bones are totally fine. She just has to learn to walk properly. I can help her out by exercising her legs, and just keeping an eye on it. If it's not better by 2 yrs old then we'll reassess the situation. I still have to talk to Manny to see if he wants to get a 2nd opinion at the Children's Hospital down the road JIC.

Anyway, Anneliese is teething her molars, so her nose has been drippy and that finally turned into a cold today. So that made her crabby. She also skipped her noon nap because she slept in a bit this morning, and then I kept her up so that she'd fall asleep on the ride home (the appointment was at 1:30). She napped on the way home, then I treated her to a chocolate donut with her lunch, then she crashed in bed for a couple hours. She ended up in bed almost an hour early tonight and will get some more Tylenol Cold shortly, as soon as she fusses about her legs.

About Juliana... the weirdest thing. She's actually teething her 6 yr molars (she's 5 1/2) and with the one on her right lower gums, there's a flap of gum and it's going over the tooth that's erupting! WTH is that? I think it's finally time to get ourselves to a local dentist here and check that out. It's really weird, and I'm afraid of food and germs getting stuck underneath it and causing an infection. Juliana showed me after dinner. Weird.

OK it's late and I'm tired. Anneliese had a bad night last night waking up every 1/2 hour screaming from pain in her legs and me running out of Tylenol. She hadn't started her cold yet so I didn't give her Tylenol Cold. If only I'd known she'd have the cold today, I might have relented and given her some relief. Bad mommy.

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