Monday, April 24, 2006

DIET Is a 4 Letter Word

OK I'm ready. I'm ready to lose all of this weight. It's time and I'm not just feeling like I need to change myself and get active, but I'm ready to DO it. I'm sick of seeing the chubby wubby in the mirror and starting today, I'm doing something about it.

My diet is actually pretty good, when I'm able to eat... but I think my portions need more control. I need to have a regular breakfast because I've never been much of a breakfast person unless I was pregnant. For me, coffee is breakfast, especially if there's creamer in it. I also haven't had a regular lunch, so that's got to change too. Fiber for breakfasts, soups for lunches. Then a timely dinner. I think my biggest challenge isn't going to be just finding time to exercise or at least walk daily, but not to eat after 6 pm. At all. Since I haven't eaten much during the days I fell into a habit of eating dinner, but then snacking here and there until bed time. Not good, and I think that's a major part of my downfall. I'm taking in too many late night calories AND not burning them off. So that HAS to change starting now. Immediately. No excuses.

I want to be down 75 pounds by Christmas of this year. And I know I can do it. I've decided to do it.

On the cooking board I'm hosting, we're starting a new thread today called (at the moment) "Cooking Off The Lbs Cuz DIET is a 4 Letter Word."

Here is my 1st contribution to that thread:

First name: Jessica
Current weight: ***big breath*** 240
Total weight loss goal: I'd like to get down to 130-150, so my total weight loss goal is 75-90 lbs
1st goal: 25-30 lbs in 3-6 months
2nd goal: 25-30 lbs in 6-9 months
3rd goal: 25-30 lbs in 9-12 months

Your biggest motivator/reason for losing weight: I need to be healthy for myself and for my children. Not to mention healthy vanity. I've decided to tack up a photo of myself from when DH and I were engaged when I was a size 10 and since I know that I CAN be a size 10 I want to be again. I want to be able to look at myself and not think "that can't be ME!!!"

GTKY Question: Do you have a regular exercise routine? If not yet, what do you plan to use as an exercise routine? I need to start walking regularly, and get out the Winsor Pilates DVD and my exercise mat. I keep saying that, but I'm finally ready to DO it.

OK now if you just happened to stumble on my blog and decide to leave a comment, please don't bother telling me what a fatass I am. I already know. So rude comments aren't welcome and won't get published, although I may use them as a motivator. Just so ya know.

Huh, I'm really nervous to click "publish post" this time around... odd. Maybe because I'm posting my actual weight for all to see.


Suzanna said...

Jessica -

I just stumbled across your blog, searching for pilates. I wish you the best of luck in your weight loss journey.


Mandy said...

Jessica, GOOD FOR YOU! I think your goal is attainable. I lost 70 lbs in a year, just to give you an idea.

If you ever need any support, you know where to find me. :)


Jackie said...

Well Here ya go Jess,

Weight: 200
Goal: 130-140

We should be eachothers suppport group! We can email eachother our nasty little guilty pleasures and console eachother when we're craving them so horribly! :)

Good luck to you. Now I know why I hate hate hate dieting, because it is as you mention, a four letter word!


AJ said...

For me, when I posted my weight I finally had to own that number and do something to decrease it. lol

I know you're gonna have great success with this because you've got such a great attitude about it and you're so ready for it mentally. It just didn't work for me until I reached that point.

Good luck girl! You can so do this!

~Jessica~ said...

Thanks ladies!

YES Anya, that's exactly it. OWNING the number and seeing it in print is just, well, it sucks. And forces the issue.

Jackie, we can absolutely pester each other! The more motivation the better!

Jennifer said...

I wanna join too! We could have a mini-weight loss support group! I know I'm overweight, but I've been ok with it before, but ever since having Hannah, the weight has just stuck around. :( I was gonna join a gym, but Tim getting out of the Navy has made me put off that plan. So here's my contribution:
Name: Jennifer
Weight: 190 (oh, GOD!)
Goal Weight: 135/140