Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wrong Turn... or Something

Manny just passed his 1 yr anniversary at his current job. Before that, he was in and out (mostly out) of work for a 2-year roller coaster ride. Before we'd even been in this new house for 2 weeks, he was let go of one job, and then didn't find work again for 7 months. Well, he worked for pitiful pay at JCPenny wharehouse because it allowed him to do job searches and he could keep it for part time in the evenings when he found a "real" job. He didn't find a real job (this current job) until the week before Anneliese was born. Since then, he's been working full time during the day for less money than he should be earning based on all that he's responsible for, and working part time in the evenings at JCPenny warehouse. All this because we can't afford daycare and if we don't work it out this way, we lose the house. Thank goodness for savings, because even with the 2 jobs, because JCPenny cut his hours recently, we've needed to rely on the savings.

OK so that's the short version. ;-)

Last night, Manny called me from JCP to let me know that the warehouse is short on hours and that he's being laid off. With finances already tight. They did tell him that it's because he's a part-timer but that it's NOT performance-related. They're also getting rid of 2nd shift entirely, and those are the only hours he's available for.


So he's already been asking me if I'd work part time on weekends to help make ends meet but honestly? With the way stress and and anxiety have taken over my life, even with therapy and medication, I think adding the stress of a job I don't care about to my being the main (like 90%) child care-giver of the kids that it just might put me over the edge. Plus I don't WANT to work right now, not while the kids are small. Call me selfish, I admit it and won't take any offense. I take pride in being the only one who stays home with my girls. But I also enjoy having help on the weekends and the small break afforded to me. Working, even part time... sigh.

I guess I have to seriously consider it now. I'll be helping him look online for some part time evening positions though, and helping him update his resume, etc.

Just... wish us luck. I think we may need it.


Jennifer said...

*HUGS* Jess. I kinda know how you're feeling, since Tim asked me to look for a job also, b/c since he's getting out of the Navy, he doesn't know when he'll get another job. And it's scary as shite. And I don't want to work either. Growing up, all I wanted to be was a SAHM, and going back to work is NOT my desire. :(

Katie said...

Jess ((BIG HUGS))

My DH is looking for a new job too. Hang in there! I dont blame you for not wanting to work. If I had even the smallest chance of being able to stay home with Hannah, I'd do it!!