Friday, March 24, 2006

Some Scary Shite

Wow this is just nuts... here's the short of it. Joanne is fatfamily on EHealth forums. She started posting last year that she was 10 weeks pregnant AFTER a hysterectomy. But still has her ovaries and ovulates. She also is sure she's having twins. She calculated her EDD as April Fool's Day. Oh, and did I mention she's nutty as a fruitcake and is convinced that .God wakes her up every morning at 3 am to talk to her? Now, I'm pretty spiritual and somewhat religious, and I have some VERY religious friends. I have nothing but the utmost respect for genuinely religious, spiritual people but THIS woman. She's not only a bible thumper but she's certifiable. I'm thinking that she's hearing Satan, pretending to be .God or she's just plain old hearing voices. Personally, I think it's a combination of Online Munchaussen's Syndrome AND Hysterical Pregnancy. And a really good chance of Cushings Disease.

She posted publicly that her name is Joanna Wells and she lives in Seattle, Washington so I don't feel too bad about sharing that here.

The Thread That Started It All... PG at 10 Weeks Without a Uterus

Naming Her Imaginary Twins

Scary... Offers To Take In Pregnant Teen Girl <---- scary because who knows WHAT she'd do to "prove" her pg

Just Discussing Where She Lives

Anti-CIO... But The Fun Part is Where She Basically Says She's a Prophet

Bad Photoshop Drama Just for the Hell of It

All About Fatfamily... and her "Proof"

She Posts Pictures

Fatfamily the Celebrity

Now, here's a warning that this next site belongs to her... and chances are high that with every hit her site gets she's getting reimbursed for it but it's still worth it to include the link just because it's part of the insanity.

Belly Photos of her "Pregnancy"

ETA: In one of the threads I posted, she JUST added a link to some photos. Of course, there's no proof that it's not photoshopped and certainly no proof that they're even her photos. Either way...

33 Week X-ray


Jennifer said...

HAHA Jess-I was wondering if/when you were going to post on this. I can't wait until April 1, just to see what happens with psycho lady!

Anonymous said...

what a freaking moron