Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Not AGAIN??? TMI So If You Don't Like Sickness Posts, Skip This One

Well, it's official. I have the backside tummy bug again. I was nauseas all last night, had trouble sleeping and then couldn't get up from a migraine this morning, still nauseas. I thought it was just a migraine. I had the dizziness, the head pain, funny vision, and I couldn't sit up in bed. I also didn't have water and Advil or my Fioricet near the bed so I literally couldn't get up and Manny had already left for work. He had taken Anneliese downstairs for me when he left this morning, and put her in the playpen so that I could get up and pee and brush my teeth without worrying about her roaming til I got there. Juliana and Grace were up too.

Well, I closed my eyes, Juliana and Grace kept coming to visit me, and I could hear them having fun and being nice when they were downstairs. So I knew they were OK, and they were aware that Mommy was too sick to move. HOWEVER Manny came home at 10:15 on his way to MA for a business trip, and they were making a huge mess. At first he was pissed (he left at 7:40) because he thought I just overslept. Once he realized I'm actually sick he got me my medicine & some water, then let me sleep for a half hour to be sure it kicked in. I came downstairs to find he had emptied and filled the dishwasher AND cleaned the mess they had made AND changed Anneliese's diaper and given her a bottle of milk. Boy, do I love that man. I'm ready to cry right now because he's so amazing. Shortly after I came downstairs, I made sure to drink lots of water since I figured the headache was dehydration related, and within minutes I was sick from the backside (TMI but hey, it's MY blog).

Thank God for Kaopectate. I'm still not feeling great and it's time for another migraine pill, but at least I'm able to be up and about. I'm just parked at the computer today, close to the bathroom. I think I may make some potatoes or some pasta though, to help settle my tummy.

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