Thursday, January 19, 2006

Off Day?

Could be. I'm just feeling kind of... I don't even know. Blah. I feel like I want to go back to bed and just snuggle under cool sheets that slowly turn warm, with the fan on in the back to drown out other noise. I think it's an AF thing because I also feel like I could inhale a tower of chocolate. And I'm not sure if it's the Mirena but AF isn't acting like her old bitchy self. I feel like I have AF but she's not showing more than a fleck here and there. WTH?

I just got my first laugh of the day, but if I tell then you might think I'm a really bad mom. One of the kids (Grace) likes to take the ice cube trays out of the freezer. She likes to play with the ice and suck on it. Well, I didn't realize she had done that earlier, and it was on one of the tables near the couch. With melted but still cold water. Anneliese just gave herself an ice-water shower. I swear, she's got a fear of water already and this totally didn't help things, but it was kinda funny and cute in a Mommy's Naughty Sense of Humor kind of way. I'd better go change her out of her icy clothes. A hug won't keep her warm for long.

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