Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gratitude Journal: Thursday

I really must do a gratitude journal today.  It's just one of those weeks where it's necessary.  Today, I'm grateful...

  1. For my wonderful husband, who is a wonderful father.
  2. For my beautiful daughters.
  3. For amazing, generous, kind, giving friends and family.
  4. For having health insurance, even if it's entirely too expensive.
  5. For really good pain medication.
  6. For anti-anxiety medication.
  7. For relatively good health.
  8. For my sweet, lovely cats who always know when I need cheering up and give snuggles and kitty-kisses when I need them.
  9. For nearby hospitals.
  10. For nurses who excel at their jobs and go above and beyond the call of duty.
  11. For the intarwebz, so that self-education is easier when it comes to tricky medical information.
  12. That while in the hospital this past week I was able to use the laptop and use the hospital's wireless, and stay connected to the outside world.  
  13. That I was able to get a diagnosis for my gastric problems, and appropriate treatment.
  14. That I will have continued care out of the hospital.
  15. For having a great hair stylist.
  16. For having so many blessings in my life, and for being alive to share them.
  17. For finding a cat food that didn't have corn meal as it's main ingredient, even though we're still looking for one that doesn't have it at all and is still affordable.
  18. For not having to go or be anywhere today.
  19. That there are people who can commiserate about diverticulitis.
  20. That prayers work. 

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