Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gratitude Sunday

On this hot, sunny Sunday I'm very grateful...
  1. For air conditioning.  
  2. For my daughters.
  3. For my husband.
  4. For getting to stay in bed until 3:00 to try to get rid of this migraine.
  5. For when the girls get along and don't fight.
  6. For when the fridge and pantry are full.
  7. For clean laundry.
  8. For good neighbors.
  9. For good friends.
  10. That the appraisal is over and we'll get the results of it soon.
  11. When the girls go to bed on time.
  12. When the girls let me sleep.
  13. For cleaning products that work.
  14. For coffee.
  15. For Advil.

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