Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bedtime Guest

I get into bed and I'm reading minding my own business and something catches my eye up near my ceiling light.  Daisy The Cat notices too, and gets all huntery and intimidating.  I figure it's a fly or moth, which creep me out but I also figure she has it handled.  Then on the bed cover, something dark catches my eye.  It's too low to be flying and too fast to be crawling but it's SKITTERING and it's COMING AT ME and I realize it's

I'm greeted by this big ass fucking thing and I freak out and what does my fearless hunter do? Sniffs with her nose in the air, lifts her tail up with her ass as high as it will go and walks out of the room calmly while I continue to freak out and it skitters towards me to KILL ME and EAT ME and I'm shaking my bed covers all over the place screaming SPIDER SPIDER IT'S A SPIDER! DAISY! DAISY! GET BACK HERE!

So um, yeah, I have a serious fear of spiders. 

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