Friday, June 18, 2010

The View On Facebook

Like everyone else on the planet, The View has a Facebook page.  They post what's to come and any guest hosts they're expecting as their status, and then update it with teasers of things their guests and guest hosts and hosts blah blah blah said.  You get the picture.  It's hard not to.  

First off, let me just be upfront and say that I'm a View Purist and am completely a View Fan Pre Rosie Era from Lisa Ling onward.  Even the early Elizabeth days were great.  I love Whoopie, but it just doesn't have the same vibe that it did back in it's first few years.  I'm thinking that may be coloring my own View on this.  

 But the statuses are annoying as f@&#.  Take today, for instance.  "Who has it easier - moms on Father's Day or dads on Mother's Day?"

Really? Are you serious? THAT was the best  you could do for Father's Day? How about how Piddly Diddy or whatever he's calling himself these days gave his son a $350K car for his 16th birthday, and whether or not that's good fathering?   But "Who has it easier - moms on Father's Day or dads on Mother's Day" is what they chose to ask.  Yes, let's be divisive and make it into a competition.  Who gets screwed more on their respective honoree holidays as well as the ones where the other parent gets honored! Whoo hoo! Let's wave that red flag and bring in the bulls!

Of course sometimes it's a good question.  Yesterday's was "What's your take on Cameron Diaz's comment about 2 women having sex with each other? Watch today's clip and chime in with which co-host you agree with!" I'll save you some time.  She basically said that a woman can experience having sex with another woman without being a lesbian.  But the cohosts discussed how this is a double standard between men and women.  If a woman experiments in college but dates men forever and ever after, she's hetero.  If a man experiments in college and dates women forever after, he's bisexual or gay.  And that if a woman were to find out about him having had sex with a man, she would be less likely to continue dating him but a man wouldn't have the same issues if he found out a woman had sex with another woman before him.  

The thing is with that status question, you had to really follow a trail and then watch some long clips because of the vagueness of the question itself.  That's annoying.  Way to get traffic to the show's site and to get people to watch the show's clips.  What does that do, boost ratings? 

Anyway, I guess that's a bit of a rant.  I reserve the right to add to this later. 

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