Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Still Full Up With The Gratitude

I might as well jump right back into the thick of it with my weekly bout of gratefulness, and I'm giving it a slight name overhaul. Instead of "gratefulness journal" it will be "gratitude journal." It's shorter and easier to write. That's all.

On this bright, sunny, increasingly warm Spring day, I am truly and inspirationally grateful for:

  1. My three lovely, intelligent, mostly well-behaved daughters.
  2. My handsome, hardworking husband.
  3. My two bratty cats.
  4. My family.
  5. My husband's family.
  6. My good friends.
  7. A roof over my head.
  8. Food on my table.
  9. Toilet paper in my bathroom.
  10. A dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer, and other nifty gadgets to make housekeeping easier. Because let's face it, I'm still not the best housekeeper even with the gadgets.
  11. Coffee, as always. This one is never changing.
  12. Clean water.
  13. Finally having found a shampoo and conditioner that doesn't leave my scalp in an eternal allergic reacting mess. John Frieda, here's looking at you. I am eternally grateful for the Luxurious Volume line. Please don't screw it up by adding citrus to it or changing the formula. k-thnx-bai
  14. That the oldest Pryncess has had a really great school year and really buckled down for her 4th grade year.
  15. That the middle Pryncess has had a really great school year even though her first grade year has been a rough transition year.
  16. That the youngest Pryncess has had a really great pre-school year!
  17. Having had the foresight in college to choose Verizon for my cell phone carrier considering all of the crap that's happened with my phones over the past two years.
  18. Chocolate Cheerios. Seriously, that's good stuff.
  19. Sugar Free Maple Syrup.
  20. More and more food companies finally starting to catch on that high fructose corn syrup is Satan's Wingman and are either leaving it out of their products or are at least offering alternative products without HFCS (granted that means they have a cheap version and a more expensive version... and guess which is more expensive?)
  21. Lactose-free options for a lactose-free child.
  22. Six Flags season passes.
  23. Sturdy sneakers.
  24. Hello Kitty electric toothbrushes.
  25. Vanilla Mint Crest toothpaste, or else my mouth would always be on fire when I brush my teeth.
  26. Fans.
  27. FarmVille.
  28. Remote controls.
  29. Bobby pins.
  30. Knowing there are other name nerds out there like me.

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