Wednesday, May 26, 2010

American Gladiator Cats

Can cats have PMS? Or do they need a reason to be bitchy? Every now and then the cats get all hinky with each other after one of them goes too far when they're playing and they end up fighting. One of them gets all butt-hurt and the other gets all Queen Bitch for a while. The loser usually has a visible facial injury, and it's usually Daisy (the younger kitty) rather than Luna (the older kitty). While Luna is all Queen Bitch she decides to ignore her own food and water and take over Daisy's dishes instead.

It's getting ridiculous when it gets to the food and water bowls. Suggestions on how to minimize that part of the dominance ritual without having to go all spendy high tech? I can't afford to buy the electric collars that match up with the electric food and water bowls right now. But poor Daisy has a scratched up inner eye corner and cheek. Usually I can voice-command Luna away from Daisy's bowls, but if I'm not around she uses her stealthy ninja skillz to bully Daisy again. And Daisy is such a sweetie and only wants her own bowls that she doesn't even think to use Luna's bowls.

So I end up doing what I do with the kids. I sit on the floor in the kitchen next to the cat's bowls when Daisy is hungry and the cats have had their most recent American Gladiator match, and I watch over them to make sure that Luna keeps on her turf and Daisy is left alone. There has to be a better way. Eventually, I won't be a stay-at-home-mom any more.

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