Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When Girls Refuse To Wear Pants

I was hoping that would get your attention.

Princess Asperger refuses to wear pants of any kind. Pants, shorts, capris, pajama bottoms, you name it. She'll wear skirts of any length and she'll wear shorts under them. It's even better if the skirts have "shorts" built right into them. She loves that. She says that it keeps the skirt from scratching or rubbing her legs the wrong way and people don't see her underwear if she bends over or tries to do a cartwheel.

I had a dresses-and-skirts-only phase as a kid too. Actually, I think for most of my childhood straight through high school and college I preferred dresses and skirts. Now that I think about it, half of my maternity wardrobe was dresses. Huh. It must be genetic. So anyway, it would be easy enough if Princess Asperger would agree to wear dresses. We have plenty of dresses in her size but in most instances they're not up to her standards. They're either too long or too short in the skirt or the sleeves. If they're sleeveless, forget it, she already has a shoulder complex. I think that's actually a sensory thing though, because she doesn't like how exposed she feels having her upper arms and shoulders open to the air unless she's in a bathing suit. Even in a bathing suit, she's either in water or has a swimming vest or a towel around her shoulders.

In the end is Has To Be Skirts. Pretty much any length will do and she'll adjust it to her liking. Heaven help us if all of her skirts are in the laundry at the same time. Today is one of those days, and she has to wait for all of them. I just can't get any of them ready before I have to head out for an appointment this afternoon. I have a perfectly reasonable outfit ready for her. It's a pair of capri shorts with a similar pattern to the too-small skirt she's wearing with a clean Hannah Montana shirt that matches. She likes the pattern, but hates that it's shorts. She'd rather wear a skirt that's too small because it has a built in "short" even though her butt cheeks are showing than wear these nice, comfortable capris.

How do you get a girl to wear pants when she adamantly refuses to wear them?

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Anne said...

Princess Asperger likes dresses and skirts, so if she is comfortable in them, why bother trying to force her into something else? There are lots of Danskin type of shorts to go under the dress/skirt. Can't fight her comfort level, and if she's happy, The Queen will be happy. The Queen's mother, Queen Anne, didn't fight Then-Princess Jessica's favortism toward dresses/skirts. We just didn't always agree on length and color.