Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Gratefulness Journal


Today, I'm very truly grateful for…

  1. My three daughters.
  2. My husband.
  3. My friends and family.
  4. My two sweet cats.
  5. Working pens and pencils.
  6. Hot coffee.
  7. Magic Erasers.
  8. A hedge trimmer that works.
  9. How nice and neat my front yard looks thanks to the new hedge trimmer.
  10. Good music.
  11. Air conditioners.
  12. Digital cameras.
  13. Showering sans kids.
  14. When the kids obey.
  15. That new chore charts seem to be working really well for the kids.
  16. Flip flops.
  17. No-fuss lunches.
  18. Fresh fruits and veggies.
  19. Clothes that fit properly.
  20. Nail clippers.
  21. Not having to cook for the cats.
  22. Yogurt.
  23. Flavored water single serve drink mixes.
  24. Generous, kind neighbors.
  25. Having a printer with ink in it.

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