Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Well, one week and a couple days. I'm getting new boobies! I'm getting new boobies! The Ladies are going to be, well not gone, but not so much! I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm scared, but I'm so ready for this. If you feel like catching up on my boobs, click here for the first installment. It's sort of been a process to reach this point, so you can then click here where I've pretty much decided to say good-bye to The Ladies, then click here for the Ta Ta Appointment, then click here for more about ta tas.

It's sort of a "tentative" date, but I'm scheduled for next week on the 18th for the reduction surgery. No clue on the time yet, but we're pretty sure it will be that day. We're just waiting for the insurance to make it official, and I have a pre-op physical exam with my PCP for the day before. Everything is falling into place, and my nerves are shot. Not about the surgery so much, but wondering how my girls and husband are going to cope. I know the girls don't understand that I won't be able to take care of them for the first week or two. My mom, best friend, and good neighbor friend will be coming to help out a lot with the girls. During Christmas break, my best friend is even going to take the girls for three whole days. Manny is taking two weeks off from his night job, which I think come from vacation time he's accumulated. He only has so much time for his day job, so the time he has left will be half days.

Today my mom suggested making some freezable meals over the weekend and the beginning of next week. I can do some simple things like making soup, dividing it up into two meals, and then just having Manny boil it and add pasta. I can probably freeze a couple casseroles, some chicken cutlets, some sauce and meatballs, and maybe a couple of crock-pot roasts. But that's not… well, it's not me. And I'm sure that on weekends, Manny will also take the kids to his mom's or his sisters. I'm worried about Christmas too, because I'm not sure how I'll be feeling. I'm already nervous about the thought of traveling and having to socialize when I'll likely want to be in bed. I know, I know… worrying for nothing, but right now, it doesn't feel like nothing. I've never missed the holidays with either side of our family. Plus my mom's birthday is on Christmas Eve and I always make her birthday cake. This year, I won't be. I won't be able to lift or bend, or even reach to decorate the cake properly. We can't really order one because my mother and one of my daughters are both lactose intolerant, and I make my special Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake with my special homemade butter cream icing. It's just part of Christmas and part of my mom's birthday. I'm hoping one of my brothers will do it, and make sure that whatever they make has zero lactose. Plus, even if Manny takes the girls to both sides of the family for the holiday, his side of the family isn't nearly so accommodating about Grace's lactose intolerance. They almost take it as a personal insult and hardship to accommodate her portions, and as if it's a hardship for Grace. They also act as if the Lactaid Fast Act tablets she chews when she can't avoid dairy is a cure-all, when in reality all the pills do is minimize the painful gas and delay the nausea and diarrhea. It's an actual digestion and medical issue, and they're not usually sensitive to it. And I won't be there to make sure she has safe foods at either party (OK, my mom will watch out for Grace at my uncle's but no one will at my IL's). I won't even be able to make sure that she takes enough of her Lactaid when she's at the IL's if I'm not there.

So maybe I should just plan on going no matter how I feel. I'm getting more anxious about it the more I think about it. {{{sigh}}}

I'm also thinking that now is the time to return all due books to the library and take out fresh ones for myself. I can renew them online if I have to. Make sure all the remotes have good batteries. Make sure I can find my cell phone, which has been missing for a month now and I have no clue where it is. Make sure we have enough of everything. I do plan on ordering groceries online thanks to PeaPod. That service kicks ass. During my last two months of my pregnancy with Anneliese, PeaPod was a lifesaver.

Well, it's time to get the kids to bed, and I plan on resting up early as well. So, ta ta!


Andrea said...

Good luck. I'm sure that all will go well!

Jackie said...

Well how did is go? Were all waiting :)