Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Gratefulness Journal, Midweek

Today, I am very grateful for:

  1. Advil. Advil. Advil.
  2. My 3 sweet daughters.
  3. My hard-working husband.
  4. Living in this amazing country on this historic day. I'm so proud to be American right now.
  5. Soft toilet paper.
  6. Craisins in salad. YUM-O
  7. Fresh blueberry muffins making the house smell wonderful.
  8. Children's Immodium. No joke, the stuff is a lifesaver.
  9. That Grace and her bottom were feeling better today.
  10. Clean, soft pillows.
  11. Having a wonderful insurance company. WTG Anthem BC/BS!
  12. Lean Pockets.
  13. Heating oil prices not actually killing our budget, at the moment.
  14. Having found an awesome discount code for, thusly allowing us to do the majority of the girls' Christmas shopping. Now we just need to buy for nieces and nephew, and my mom's birthday.
  15. Sales at the grocery store.
  16. Hair color stripping agent.
  17. Sugar Cookie Tea... thank you Celestial Seasonings!
  18. My sewing machine.
  19. The many wonderful novels written by Michael Crichton before he passed away.
  20. Good music that brightens the mood and the day.

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Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Yummmm... Lean Pockets... I want I want !!!!!!!!!

BTW, stop by my blog... I have a giveaway that you may like (or not.. LOL).