Thursday, July 10, 2008

Randomness In Catching Up

I know it's been a while since I last posted. Things have just been so busy, that I honestly haven't been able to remember to blog. That, and I'm completely hooked on FaceBook's PackRat game. It's sucking the life out of me and hogging my internet time. ;-)

I've decided not to be a Girl Scout Troop Leader this next school year. Manny's work hours just won't allow it, and I would have to take Grace and Anneliese with me to every meeting which would take away from time and activities with the Brownie Scouts. I still have to notify the town's director about finding a new troop leader. Not only that, but there was virtually no parental participation. I felt like I was being used as a babysitter. Not to mention the fact that scout attendance was almost non-existent after February. That's just unacceptable to me, and I don't want to deal with it again.

Grace has been doing really well, and is currently in Summer Sessions for her special services. That should help her stay caught up with her classmates. We're also going to be getting her examined by a pediatric neurologist. She has these little "space outs" pretty frequently, that last anywhere from a few seconds to around a minute. We think she may be having Absence Seizures, like one of my nieces on my husband's side of the family. They're very minor seizures, but for a child with Asperger's Disorder it would mean she's not receiving all of the information she should be and it would be contributing to her learning delays. If she's having these seizures, they're easily treated and less seizures means more learning.

I visited an orthopedic specialist for myself yesterday. Shortly after Anneliese's birthday in February, I had picked her up and tore my rotator cuff. It would get better, then re-injure. About a month ago, I trimmed the hedges and it was sore and achy when I put Anna on the toilet and not only re-tore the rotator cuff, but additional muscles. The doctor said I damaged my rotator cuff, my scapula, and my clavicle muscles in my right shoulder. I'll be starting physical therapy soon, and am not allowed to go to the gym until I'm completely finished with PT. Oh well. Since the injury, I've lost about 15-20 lbs.

That's about it for now, but I'll try to get back into regular entries. I miss it.

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