Monday, June 16, 2008

Gratefulness Journal Monday

So today is Monday, and it's time for my weekly Gratefulness Journal, or as known on BabyCenter, a Gratitude Journal. After this Father's Day Weekend, and the week I had last week, I am so very grateful for…

  1. My husband.
  2. When my children are good and well behaved.
  3. My mom and dad.
  4. My husband, because this weekend was supposed to be all about him and being a Dad, and I couldn't even drive because of my stupid shoulder injury. He even drove me for X-rays when he had other stuff to do.
  5. My arm sling.
  6. Advil.
  7. Muscle Relaxers.
  8. Sleeping pills, because dang, I can't imagine my last few nights of difficulty sleeping if I didn't have them.
  9. Icy cold drinking water.
  10. Rain, to decrease the likelihood of brush fires.
  11. And end to the hideous heat wave we had last week.
  12. That Grace has officially graduated preschool and will be going into kindergarten!
  13. That I might be able to get a part time position at the preschool, which would be paying AND offer reduced tuition for Anneliese.
  14. The calmness that helps decrease my anxiety when I pray, especially over the past week.
  15. Hot showers.
  16. Not running out of toilet paper and paper towels.
  17. Good music.
  18. Showing my IL's that my parenting skills are not horrible, even when I'm all gimpy, by discipling one of my own PLUS one of my nieces for continuously climbing FIL's lawn mower tractor.
  19. Figuring out how to type with my arm in a sling, and use the mouse in my left hand.
  20. Coffee.

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