Monday, June 02, 2008

Gratefulness Journal, Monday

Today on this gorgeous Monday morning, I am truly grateful for…

  1. My three daughters
  2. My husband, and for surviving his birthday yesterday
  3. Luna, my darling cat
  4. The seeds I planted in front of the house are sprouting and thriving.
  5. The lilac bush I planted in front of the house is thriving.
  6. I apparently don't have a brown thumb, in spite of what past crispy plants, including my strawberry stick, would tell you if you asked them.
  7. Vitamins.
  8. A full fridge.
  9. A mostly full pantry.
  10. Kitty litter that works.
  11. My eye sight, even though I can't find my flarging glasses.
  12. Remote controls with working batteries.
  13. Getting a free security system for the house.
  14. Steroid cream for the eczema on my foot.
  15. My nails haven't broken since getting them done two weeks ago.
  16. Luna having had only one hairball since September.
  17. Paxil and Ativan.
  18. That the Teacher's Appreciation Luncheon I organized for Grace's teachers went off without a hitch on Friday.
  19. This cool font. I think it's Kristen. Yeah, Kristen ITC.
  20. Splenda.
  21. A working dishwasher.
  22. A working clothes washer.
  23. The new fridge. It actually keeps things cold, and the freezer actually freezes stuff solid! Wow!
  24. Flip flops.
  25. A good hair brush that turns my hair out exactly the way I want it.

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