Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So Yeah, I'm a Bad FurBaby-Mamma

Last week, poor Luna had a TMI Fanny Bug, so she had drying poo stuck to her furry fanny. She just wasn't feeling well, and apparently couldn't reach. So I decided to help her, and brought her upstairs to the shower stall and ran some warm water. Using the showerhead hose, I just sprayed her fanny until it was clean.

Yes, I know that most cats hate water. Now I know that MY cat REALLY hates water. Not all the time, just in the bathroom. If she sees me drinking anything, seriously anything at all, she'll sit next to it and sniff it regularly. Luna loves the smell of People Drinks. Coffee and tea are her favorite aromatherapies, and once in while, she'll take a little lick. At bed time, I keep a tall glass of water near my bed, and she always checks it. Always. Very often, I see her head stuck down inside of it, as she's lapping up the water. She even drinks about half a bowl of her own water daily, sometimes more.

But get her near the bath tub, unless she's watching us bathe, and watch out. She freaked the hell out. The poor thing did her best to claw and grip my shirt in her efforts to get out of the shower stall. She cried and whimpered, and became Demon Cat Out Of Hell. I believe Meatloaf wrote a song about her. ;-)

As soon as her fanny was clean, I let her go. She bolted to Juliana's room, where I snuggled her in a warm, dry towel and brought her to my room. I laid her on her back, and sweet-talked her. Then I decided to trim her knife claws, even though it was only 3 days since her last trim. There was blood seeping up through a couple of her nails, and one nail on her left front paw was completely ripped out from the nail bed. The nerve has now dried up once, regrown, and is drying up a second time. No sign of a new nail yet, and while she's not limping, she's favoring the paw when she plays and it's still sensitive. I try to squirt it with some antiseptic wash, and then coat it with triple antibiotic ointment. So far, so good.

I feel horrible. Poor Luna Tinkerbell.

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