Monday, March 10, 2008

Gratefulness Journal, Monday

On this Monday afternoon, I am very truly, honestly grateful for...
  1. Not having an intestinal bug.
  2. Well, not having it so badly that I'm stuck in bed.
  3. My 3 lovely daughters.
  4. My husband.
  5. My brothers.
  6. My beautiful cat.
  7. That it's SUNNY today and we didn't have any flooding issues after all the rain we've had lately.
  8. That we've had 2 days in a row of nothing but SUN and a little breeze to hopefully dry the grass out a little faster.
  9. That the snow is gone! If you don't count the piles left from the gargantuan snow banks that were plowed in parking lots, that is.
  10. That 2 out of 3 girls are freshly bathed, and waiting patiently for lunch.
  11. A fridge with a freezer so that I can have some delicious ice water.
  12. Paper towels.
  13. Disposable toilet wand thingies.
  14. Soft Scrub with bleach, for my shower stall.
  15. That only one child peed in my bed last night instead of two.
  16. That one child was able to resolve her nightmares, even though it took several hours and Mommy didn't get more than 2 hours of sleep.
  17. Cosmetic tweezers.
  18. That Luna's paw is healing nicely from when she ripped off one of her own nails from the nail bed. Hoping it's not so sensitive soon, since the nerve that shriveled up is growing back in and is exposed and sensitive.
  19. Good music.
  20. Fruity yogurt.
  21. DVR
  22. Pink clothing, for the child who will wear NOTHING EXCEPT PINK.
  23. Pink accessories, for the child who will wear and carry around NOTHING EXCEPT PINK.
  24. Rainbows, because the girls are always impressed with them.
  25. Lactose-free alternatives to some of Grace's favorite foods.

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