Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday Gratefulness Journal

Today, I am truly and honestly grateful for…

  1. My three beautiful daughters.
  2. My handsome, generous husband.
  3. A good PCP willing to take me the same day I called, even though she had a full schedule.
  4. Antibiotics. Good. Strong, kickass antibiotics.
  5. Advil & Extra Strength Tylenol.
  6. Decongestants and TheraFlu.
  7. Halls Plus, cuz they are awesome little soothers.
  8. My sweet little fur baby, Luna. She is just the sweetest, gentlest and most patient kitten I've ever met. She's also the coziest lap cat on the planet.
  9. Having found a really good veterinarian for Luna.
  10. That our vet gave us a nice discount on Luna's vaccinations since we had them done at a well-kitty appointment.
  11. Grace having a really great week.
  12. Having found a doctor taking new patients, so that we can have Grace tested neurologically and genetically in regard to her Asperger's Disorder.
  13. When Juliana obeys and doesn't give me any trouble.
  14. Getting to sleep relatively undisturbed last night.
  15. My online friends.
  16. My real life friends.
  17. That out Thanksgiving AND Christmas plans are already set, and The Husband was the one who took care of it this year.
  18. That we figured out a way to reduce our bills and minimize the monthly stress.
  19. Hot showers.
  20. Hot tea.
  21. Kleenex with lotion in the tissues… oh, sweet Heaven.
  22. Having food in the fridge and pantry.
  23. When it's easy to figure out what's for breakfast because all of the girls want pancakes.
  24. Lactaid Fast Act chewable vanilla tablets for Gracie's lactose intolerance, especially when I run out of her "special cooking milk" that I use to make pancakes.
  25. Hot soup on a cold day.

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