Monday, October 29, 2007

Gratefulness Journal, Monday

Today, I am very grateful for...

  1. My silly, sweet, funny, smart daughters.
  2. My husband.
  3. Pull-Ups.
  4. Sunshine and weather that's not too cool nor too hot.
  5. Hot tea.
  6. Splenda knock-offs.
  7. Nick Jr.
  8. When everyone sleeps all night long.
  9. When the kitten doesn't wake me up to eat.
  10. Fuzzy slippers.
  11. A nice, warm comforter.
  12. Getting to reconnect with an old college friend at the mall last night, completely unexpectedly.
  13. Hot showers alone.
  14. Advil.
  15. Pretty nail polish.
  16. That the girls enjoy pasta, especially when the budget is tight.
  17. That I get to hear Grace & Anneliese playing together, and getting a giggle from hearing Grace say "I said 'I got your nose!' Do you want your nose back?"
  18. That I have my husband and he's safe and sound.
  19. My new awesome nail files from Snazzy Creations that I got at a craft show in New Hampshire. They NEVER wear out, and are made from crystal glass.
  20. Soft Scrub with bleach for my nasty ole' bathtub, which isn't nasty any more.

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