Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Karma and Christianity

Do you think that theologically speaking, the two ideas can co-exist? I'm not sure if I can really reconcile the two ideologies, but I do find myself believing in both. I've recently re-established my belief system as being Christian, but of course no where in Christian literature is the word "Karma" used. There's the universal "Do unto others as you would have done yourself" and "An eye for an eye" as well as "What would Jesus do" for determining what decision is the most moral or the best for a given situation. But what about "what goes around comes around?" As far as I know, it's not a very Christian sentiment, but that's essentially what Karma is. I think that part of the energy that our souls and spirit emit is tied to the energy in the universe, effecting what happens to us, which is my understanding of Karma.

Maybe it's because we're taught, at least in the New Testament, that God does not punish people for their deeds in this life, but that He waits for the Afterlife. A mother that loses her child is not being punished by God. A child who loses their parents tragically isn't being punished by God. Yet when something good happens in our lives, it's viewed as a reward for having done something good or because we prayed for it.

Hmmm, maybe that's the trouble with believing in Karma. Karma is supposed to be equal: good for good, bad for bad.

Anyway, I try to live as well and morally as possible. That includes little things like calling 911 on my cell phone if I see a car in trouble on the highway, just in case the person doesn't have a cell phone themselves. If someone in public seems to be having some problems, I ask if they need help. I try to be polite to telemarketers. I try to be honest, yet polite, even when offering a negative opinion to someone. I even let cars pass me and come out of side streets. You get the idea. I try to do good so that when I'm in need of genuine help, whatever cosmic force is driving people will drive them to offer help to WHOMEVER they come across that is in need, not just myself.

I don't expect or even hope that I'll be put in a position of needing someone else's help, though. Not when I'm doing something for someone else because it feels good. I'm doing something good for someone else not only because it would be the right thing to do, but because I hope that it actually helped make that person feel better and appreciated and that someone, anyone, thought of them.

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